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How it started

When the world closed down in 2020 I made my first piece of basic jewellery and I never expected it to be a business. I had made anything previously which could be classed as creative, I didn’t work in a creative industry and I had no idea what I was doing.

Like the majority of the UK, I was furloughed from my corporate job and bored stiff; going from working 60 hours a week to nothing overnight was a struggle for many of us, especially when you cannot travel, see family and friends or take part in activities which bring you joy. All the things I lived for. I needed to find something to occupy my mind and keep me sane.

While mindlessly scrolling an overseas shopping site, I came across some extremely cheap, poor quality and likely unethically made, wearable necklace urns and I thought, ‘I can do better than that’ . In an instant, Angel Creative was born. Here I am 4 years later and still going, a covid business that survived and that has thrived. I am now a skilled jeweller, making mainly bespoke pieces which allow my clients all over the world to honour and remember their lost loved ones and pets in unique ways. Covid allowed me to live a dream I didn’t know I had, and while the whole period for horrific in so many ways, I am just a little bit grateful to have had the time to explore another side of me I never knew existed.

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